Saturday, March 29, 2008

under the clouds in san cristobal de las casas

Its late afternoon down south in SCC. The light has that richness from clouds catching the golden rays of the slowly setting sun. I just caught a view of one of the hill churches back lit by the sun, its my favorite time of day to wander the streets with my camera. This afternoon has been on and off rain punctuated by eating soup and writing postcards, a strange contrast to the morning.
I bageled and coffe-ed at about 8 (yes I did say bagel!) and then headed with the majority of my group to Sumidero canyon a ridiculous boat trip along the dammed portion of some green Mexican river. It was pretty amazing, crocodrillos, monos, and lots of ´wowing´gringos. I got to play bird identification (thank you mom and h.i.) and caught some seriously good sun. It was hot on the river like it can get out there in Sac-town, Nimbus flats styles. The kind of heat that can really only by beat by Popsicles and naps.
But now it is cool with post rain fall air, bringing out all sorts of nice smells. I`m getting all sentimental about traveling friends and experiences. I try to remind myself that the feeling shouldn't be sadness, but a happiness for the experiences I`ve had, but sometimes it feels nice to be a bit mopey. Traveling is a lesson in change. You can`t hold on to much, most people are buffeted on by winds or tides, sliding past you in a day, an hour, a week, or maybe if you are lucky a month. The thing that makes it easier is finding joy in the present moment, that way when it is a memory you will know that you appreciated it while it was happening.
Favorite memories of the last week all occurred in front of the Santo Domingo cathedral in Oxaca. Nothing like cacti and religious architecture to inspire enjoyment in life.

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