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View of the Altiplano near the hot springs, Boilvia

 During my 5 years traveling I often traveled with postcard-sized watercolor paper, a couple collapsable brushes and a set of watercolors my mum gave me on my 10th birthday.  I've finally made the time to scan the paintings I didn't send to friends or family and figured this was the place to share them.

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dreams of summer

Living (wandering?) in the Southern hemisphere is a funny thing for my brain to wrap itself around.  The last few weeks have been filled with crisp fall days but I can't shake my excitement for Northern hemisphere summer. The moments before I fall asleep at night are filled with imaginings of Pimms cups, BBQ pizza, late afternoon tea, brisk swims, and gorgeous sunsets caught from the end of the garden.
pimms no. 5

bbq pizzas

summer roses

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today you find me in: buenos aires

January has taken me from Austin, Texas to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  3 days into February I find myself sitting in a very posh cafe just outside of the Microcentro with a view of blooming palo borrachos with their gorgeous pink flowers scattered across the green of the neighboring park.   I'm in town visiting Courtney who is busily working on her expenses on the other side of the table.  Summer is in full swing here, walking along the streets one can hear the air conditioners humming in full swing, their condensation dripping on unwary pedestrians floors below.