Thursday, March 3, 2011

settling in...

I’ve been meaning to write on this blog for months, but it seems in being settled I have less time for everything.  It appears to me, that regularity takes up more time than my inconsistent day to day wanderings ever did.  I suppose it is because I fill up much of my spare time boiling beans, grocery shopping and going to the gym.  All that sounds quite mundane and boring, but quite the contrary, to me the novelty of being in one place still hasn’t worn off. 
Antigua is an interesting place to live, at the very least I love living by volcanoes.  I stare at them on my way out in the morning, watching the inconsistent ashy rumblings of Fuego spill across the morning sky.  At night, as I am walking home, I choose a route which allows me to stare contentedly at the hazy silhouette of Agua. 
After 3 years of being self contained I feel funny trying to grow roots.  I constantly feel like I should be packing my bags and to move on—but I like the notion of being settled.  It has its pleasant aspects—cooking for oneself, having routines, meeting people or at least making slow attempts at doing so. 
All in all I still haven’t gotten my sea legs or land legs, and my job doesn't make it any easier.  Most of January I spent out of Guatemala and February didn’t fare much better. Maybe I’ll never really stop and grow moss or roots but for now I like the sensation of trying.