Tuesday, June 19, 2012

finding the postbox

Buzon. Havana, Cuba.

I think postcards are absolute magic.  They arrived tattooed and stained from their journey, and every crease or wrinkle tells a story.  
My favourite postcard arrived in Guatemala after a long journey from Cambodia (thanks Mikee!) and I often have wondered about its route from Asia to Central America. 
A different friend sent a postcard from Egypt which took 7 years to reach the States -- there must be a great story hidden behind that battered piece of cardstock. 
I have sent countless postcards during my travels, I love the entire process from buying them to popping them in the postbox.  Though my favorite part is the writing of them (I love to find a nice cafe and sitting with a cup of coffee and a good pen) the most satisfying step is the sending of them.  Especially because going to the post office is always an insight into a country-- everything from what they choose to put on their stamps to how much bureaucracy is involved with the sending of mail gives me a better understanding of the country where I find myself.  

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