Sunday, March 30, 2008

selva, cascadas, puking passengers...

In an attempt to get back in the writing groove I am now attempting to spend 10 minutes documenting each place I go. Ten minutes feels like an accomplishable amount, and enough time to give you all a sense of some of the amazing places that I get to visit. Mostly I am doing it so that when I am not racing around the central america anymore I can read back over this and think of what a crazy time in my life this was.
With that I will delve into today...
Today is Sunday, most days of the week don´t really stand out to me, but Sunday always does. Things are closed on Sundays, and every week I forget this, and every week it throws a wrench in some kind of plan. Today that plan was breakfast, which went from being my planned coffee in bagel (got to stick with what you know sometimes) to jugo de naranja y remolacha (EVA!) and quesadillas. The quesadillas were cooked in a restaurant that was infested with roaches. I had one of those moments of thinking, ¨what has happened to me that roaches in a place that is cooking me food is acceptable?¨ then I remembered that huge roach crawling up the wall of a restaurants in Bangkok which finally fell, causing me to scream, and I realize that maybe my standards have always been low, or maybe roaches are just everywhere. Yuck.
Anyhow I had organized private transport to Palenque so that we could stop along the way and swim in some amazing water falls. The only thing that was complicating this was that quite a few of my charges has over imbibed the night before. All those rumors about the Scots and Irish drinking, I can assure you they are very accurate. My British Isles delegates had done a bit of damage to themselves leading to a somewhat entertaining curvy ride towards Palenque. The whole thing was highlighted by two bags being utilized for barf. Mmmm.
We finally arrived in Aguas Azules and cooled off in the water for a couple of hours otherwise I worry that I might have had a plastic bag filling epidemic on my hands.
Ahhh... well there goes 10 minutes.

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