Saturday, March 29, 2008

notes from the road

Some other thoughts....
  • grapefruit is fantastic in Mèxico, especially with honey and granola
  • it is best to take Dramamine on the night bus between oxaca and san cristobal
  • bird shit can turn forests white!
  • blisters on the bottom of your feet shouldn`t be messed around with
  • mezcal can be quite delisshhesss, especially when there is an open bar and you`ve just watched a mèxican massaging the smoked fermenting agave pulp (why didn´t i remember my camera?)
  • you need at least a week in d.f. to see, eat, and enjoy enough of the city to say you`ve ¨been there¨
  • siestas are necessary
  • sometimes you think you have scabies and it turns out to be hook worm


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