Monday, September 24, 2007

packing 101

Somehow I thought packing for this adventure would be easier. But I always always get hung up by the what ifs? Zach reminded me that once you are on your way that what you packed to wear isn't that important, I should have reminded him of my t-shirt jihad in Singapore. I hate having stuff along that I don't end up using, but I also hate not having along what I want. I mean last time I ended up dragging neon colored zip ties all over Asia, and not once was there an incident where I thought to myself, "self, I am so glad I have neon zip ties." On the other hand I was cursing my choice of t-shirts, and lack of emergen-c. Upon further consideration perfect packing doesn't make for good stories. So with that in mind and my bag packed I am sure this trip will be full of them.

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