Saturday, September 29, 2007

getting here

I´m back in San Jose, I had been thoroughly ready to write a post to update you all while still in Santa Elena, but the internet connection was wacky and the web page in spanish, so I couldn´t sign on. Ah, life goes on.
I had thought that the whole blog thing might encourage more frequent updates and therefor shorter monologues, but alas I have been foiled, and now five days in have way too many stories of hilariousness to keep this short.
So the flying down here thing was long. Not bad traveling, more educational than anything. I had my first Vegas experience and ended up making about 4.75 on the slots, which was slightly encouraging. Then in a moment of air conditioned induced coldness I blew the whole lot on a starbucks chai. My two hours in Atlanta were spent sleeping on the floor while listening to CNN blasting from one of the airport´s flat screens. Then I was off on my plane to San Jose, during which I caught up on important things like George Clooney in Ocean´s 13. Not long after I found my self expelled out of customs and immigration and out into the wild wilderness of the taxi touters. Not to worry Eva´s friend Marcos, and his daughter there to save me and drive me to San Pedro.
Suddenly I was in Costa Rica with not only Eva, but Mandini too. Not to anybody´s suprise I arrived hungry so we headed off to a local vegetarian place for un plato de dia, veggie style. No one had informed me, but apparently many of my friends have reverted to some sort of herborvirous subsistence pattern, quite a change after traveling with the man who will eat everything (except dried squid, he does draw the line there). I´m digging on the green stuff, though I know I am going to be craving a quesoburgesa any moment.
After lunch, the afternoon was spent listening to Eva translate for some Canadian farmer talking about why Costa Ricans shouldn´t vote in support of CAFTA. It was an interesting talk, until I fell asleep that was. We ended up spending the evening at Eva´s McGyvering up a meal of thai camote tacos and drinking powdered milk with sugar, it was fun to just sit around and chat and chat.
I´ll leave you there for now and start working on stories of Monte Verde.

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