Saturday, September 29, 2007


Eva needed to be back in San Jose for this big march on Sunday so it was decided that our first journey would be to the nearby bosque nuboso or cloud forests. Eva had a translating gig on Wednesday morning so she left me and Mandy to sleep in. I took full advantage, after my marathon of flights and little sleep I was pretty pooped. So tired in fact that I started talking in my sleep. I didn´t even knew I did that, but Mandy was happy to inform me otherwise. By the time I was up and mobile Eva was on her way back from work, meaning that I pretty much missed the breakfast hour completely. I didn´t go hungry though. On the way to catch our bus to Monte Verde we stopped at the Central Market to get casados, the typical fare for both lunch and dinner. The Central Market is in downtown San Jose which is your standard city. I guess it hasn´t made a huge impression on me: not very impressive architecturally, swamped with developing capitalism, lots of people and cars.
My short time at the Central Market was pretty delicious, I´m down with the tico food. We didn´t see too much there, just an eat and run, but I think there is more exploring in store. After lunch we headed to the bus station to purchase tickets to Monte Verde and hung around eating galletas and drinking cafe con leche. I love a good bev.
Well stories of mobile discos and bus drivers digging in the mud are still to come, but will have to wait until my next internet session.

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