Wednesday, March 3, 2010

rambling in oaxaca

I´m in Oaxaca living with a local family and making another attempt to cement all these abstract verb tenses into my poor brain.  It´s funny no matter what the time seems to slide by here and I can never accomplish what I set out to.  In fact today I was on my way to try to finish my painting of Sto. Domingo when I got waylaid running into a Oxacan gallery owner, Miguel Angel.  He took me to an art store and to an art studio, where I suppose one can take art courses which move at Oaxacan speeds.  I managed to peel myself away and walk all the way to the cathedral when I ran into Hailey who is attending the same school as I am.  So I gave up all hopes of arting it up and got a coffee with her. 
But hell, it´s so nice to feel like I can mañana my life away here.  Normally I feel like I HAVE to do stuff because I am always moving on to the next place. 

I put some photos of it here down below.  And a random calavera because they are super chido. 

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