Monday, March 15, 2010

8 de marzo

I love this poster and was trying to explain to Jesus that if it were a poster for women from the states it would have had to been written differently to address our own gringa-ness.
I had meant to take a photo of this poster near the bakery I passed every morning on my way to La Brujula for my morning coffee.  Of course by the time I got my camera and myself in the same place to take it, the poster had been covered by some other poster advertising a man in a sombrero.
Anyhow, I encountered this one on my last night in Oaxaca covered up by a poster for an event with a Buddhist nun.  So sorry to the nun, because I pulled her poster down to take this photo.
Anyhow, 8 de Marzo was pretty tranquilo en Oaxaca.  Jesus and I did discuss the difference between men and women here in México.  It is interesting because although it is similar to the issues we have in the states there is an underlying difference in culture.  Machismo is such an integral part of the culture here, for better or worse, and that directly impacts women.
Anyhow, I am too tired to get into the subtleties of this complicated subject, I just mainly wanted to share the photo.  xx

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