Saturday, May 16, 2009

last days

procrastination leads to blog entry.

summation of the last few weeks

thailand is brief, just enough time for a couple bottles of neon orange orange juice and green curry

the tips of my fingers have started to peel off, what does that mean?

buckets at angkor what? lead to a rough ride to P2 which noodle soup cures, I miss nana

get lost with my group in P2, tuk-tuks save the day and deliver us at Mee Goreng heaven

Ipod induced napping on the bus leads to strange lucid dreams

could Lebo be right about Deli pickels saving the world??? all this poverty in Cambodia is making me hope so

I wish I had brought my black gauchos and not my teal ones

I see a one armed mine victim filling in the potholes along an unpaved portion of cambodia's national road 4 and find myself wondering who is paying him for his work

cambodian children thrive on the beach front town of Sihanoukville selling braclets and when not successful swearing at tourists

Handwashing can be incredibly satisfying.

Crossing the border to Vietnam is striking - how can a bridge lead to such difference? I already miss counting in Khmer.

More ipod, more strange dreams.

I eat frog for the first time.

I get my laundry done in Saigon, everything comes back individually tagged

Night train delivers me to Nha Trang, why is train sleep so satisfying?

confused yet? me too. but life is a beautiful mystery.

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