Saturday, May 30, 2009

good bye sirmadame!

I am attempting to actually get my clothes washed.

I will break this sentence down for you...

The Vietnamese or SE Asians in general do not value clean clothes or the pleasure of clean clothes as much as Latin Americans or myself do. My evidence is my last 3 attempts at clean clothes:
1. Saigon - clothes come back individually tagged, don't smell of anything in particular, I keep forgetting to remove tags and being poked for total duration of wearing
2. Hoi an - give my clothes to random man who weighs them and puts them in the basket of his bicycle, clothes come back smelling clean, but upon further inspection they are just about as dirty as they were when I gave them to him. Plus I spend 24 hours wondering if I would ever see my clothes again.
3. Hanoi - random place on Hon Bo street, no washers in sight, clothes come back smelling like cigarette smoke and are not clean.

What does a girl have to do around here to get a nice Mayan lady to wash her clothes on the rocks of Lake Atitlan? Seriously. Na na knows how cranky dirty clothes make me.

Laundry's done. I'll report back. And sorry, I know this was a dave style rant. And the post title is just something random that my junk boat porter kept saying.
je je

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