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Quick and dirty guide: the road from Cancun to Belize

An ex-passenger of mine requested some info on Central America for an upcoming trip. I have acquiesced, but figured rather than putting it in email form that the blog might be a better approach so that more people can benefit from all my hard typing. We're starting in the Yucatan because that is where Rich is starting, and that's what I felt like doing.


I am not a fan, the one thing I do dig is Gory Tacos not too far from the ADO station in Cancun on Andador Tulipanes No. 26 S.M. 22. So you can do that, eat a Torta and think of me. I like to stay a Kin Mayab for a couple reasons: they serve anchor butter with their square bread toast, the staff is friendly, and it is walking distance from the ADO station. The ADO is consequently probably the cheapest way to get to/from the airport unless you have two people, then walk outside the airport and grab a cab, should be between $25-30.

Far better in my opinion to escape Cancun and head to....

Mmm I dig it here, great food, nice people, awesome beach.
Take a cab from Cancun to Puerto Juarez, grab the every half hour ferry (70mxp) and you arrive in what might be one of my favorite beach towns. Tons and tons of hotels abound, I like Los Bucaneros (used to stay there for work) or right across the street is Ronaldi's pizza I am a pizza addict, I know. The hotel above Ronaldi's is nice, huge beds. Both are located on the boisterous and fun pedestrian street, tons of great restaurants etc. I am now a huge fan of beach front Minino's for their pescado entero (get it fried, but be prepared it comes with the head on). Breakfast at Cafecito is divine, they make a jam out of bananas coconut and pineapple, and even the New York Times says it is good. Also Manana makes nice brekkie and lunch, plus they have used books. My newest haunt (they have coffee and wifi) is Magagua or something like that. It is a cool open air cafe with comfy chairs and a fast connection, good for doing expense reports. A nice lady told me Cafe Mango is great, I've never made it there, but maybe you will.

To do: Take a trip out to Isla Contoy, or if it is the season head out on a whale shark trip. Both are worth every penny I promise.

Don't waste your time, you didn't come to Mexico to hang out with fat Americans sprawled on 100Mxp chaise chairs.

If you dive, might be worth a trip down here, catch the ADO then a cab into town. A good base for cenote dives as well. Check out Dive In Puerto Morelos and eat at La Terraza, good food and a bit of an asian fix as well.

the two crowning glories of my Biggest Blow Outs of Mexico list. Don't fuck around, go to Uxmal or Tikal instead. Unless you like tourists, if you like tourists have a great time.


getting to Belize from Mexico requires a bus to Chetumal, then you grab a bus to Belize city. Belize City is not worth a visit, so just grab a ferry to...

Oh man, welcome to a slice of paradise. Two words: CAKE MAN. So, find yourself a hotel, deposit luggage, put on bathing suit, grab some BZD and walk down to the split. Buy a belekin, start drinking and wait for the Cake Man to come. It is not an exact science but somewhere between 5 and 6 Bunz appears and he comes with cake. It is all excellent but my two favorites are: key lime pie cake and the macaroon brownie. It will change your life, this I will guarantee.

I dive with the attitude filled Frenchies and you absolutely have to do the Snorkeling Sail with Raggamuffin (you can miss out on the rum punch, it is lethal). Wear sunscreen. I like Gertrude at the Ocean Pearle, she is nice, keeps the place clean and there are hammocks.

when you finally tear yourself away from C.C. on your way to Guatemala you can visit...

Eat at Hanna's, order a lamb quesadilla it is HUGE. Then stroll down the street and sign up for either the A.T.M. or Crystal Cave with the lovely boys at Hun Chi'ik tours. Both are amazing sacred mayan caves and the tours are worth every penny. Both Benjamin and Rudy are incredible guides, tell them I say hi.

Stay out at Midas, the owners are sweet and the rooms are lovely, plus it is out of town. Walk over to Hodes and get your self some rice and beans. mmm.

going south from C.C. you can cruise downt the Hummingbird Highway to...

crazy, small, but I love it.

The caye you can walk to, small, mellow, beachy.

Before leaving Belize make sure to: eat and buy Marie Sharps hot sauce, eat rice and beans, check out a cave, go snorkeling or diving

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