Friday, April 10, 2009


The fool has forever been one of my favorite tarot cards, it is a point of departure and of arrival, a meditation on the ever never endingness of the cycle of life. It sits at 0 in the major arcana, both the first and last card of the spiritual journey towards whatever one might seek: knowledge, peace, enlightenment. And at this exact moment in my life it speaks to where I sit.

Big decisions, big steps, big adventures, it all feels like stepping off that cliff into the unknown. The hard part is to do it with trust, without fear, with love in your heart, with an empty mind. When we give trust to the universe, when we open a space in our hearts for what will come, miraculous things happen.

I had been asking the universe to give me a push in a direction, to give me a next step, and it has come. So now it is time to step off that cliff again, which looks like hopping on a flight to Bangkok to start take a new position leading trips in SE Asia. I am telling myself that the butterfly which is flapping around in the pit of my stomach is not of nervousness or fear, but one of the delights of the unknown. Off I go...

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