Friday, April 25, 2008

cpr and sea horses

Ummm.... so I am like a rescue diver now. Which I think is freaking cool. I spent the last three days hanging out in the water on the bay island Utila in Honduras. This all happened because I keep getting these crazy ideas in my head that I might get my ass back to Koh Tao and spend some months becoming a dive master, or I am just a glutton for waterborne punishment. Honestly it could be either.

The course includes a lot of being shoved under water by a DMT, practicing rescue breaths, and very very very little actual diving. That being said the time I did get to spend swimming with the fishies was pretty awesome stuff. Saw some cool sand eels that look like sea grass until you get up close and see their little eyes, at which point they retreat back into their holes. Saw a very mossy looking sea horse, which was exciting, except that in my head sea horses are brightly colored and shiny and if you are really lucky might even wink at you. I really thought the one I saw was dead, but I guess they just dig on being covered in algae and are slow slow moving.

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