Saturday, April 12, 2008

ciao mèxico, belize briefly, hola guate

The last days have flown by, I feel like I was just diving in cenotes in Mèxico, and now I am all the way in Guatemala again. The last week has been all about water, snorkeling, diving, canoeing. I`ve been loving it.
Things are going to have to be a random mix of stories and run on sentences... deal with it...
random free diving, chasing parrot fish who did not seem pleased, laughing when they pooped (they poop sand, really!), racing on to the boat from cozumel in my bathing suit and not caring, though i did freeze to death in the air con (air con on a boat, why???)
cenote diving at dos ojos, silvery fish, fossils, haunting blue light, halocline induced blindness, bats, scaring snorkelers, and being complimented on my efficient breathing.
my final ado bus ride, playa to chetumal, rolling into belize full on, hot, dusty, sweaty, throwing the crew on to the water taxi and getting to Caye Caulker in time for the cake man.
snorkeling adventure in hol chan, sharks, rays, turtles that bite ankles, playing in scuba bubbles, scaring scuba divers, diving through a cave, coconut ice cream, loosing my sarong (booo!!!) and being late for the second time that day.
big evening rally at Rasta Pasta, one barrel shots for the crew, laughing too hard to take a shot, hiding below a belizian house with malcolm in a failed attempt to scare everyone on the way to ocean side, causing a dancing ruckus with kilt clad ali, telling my life story to an englishman, and falling asleep to ocean breezes.
midday roll to san ignacio, with a full on nap to belmopan (i think my pax were impressed by my sleeping skills), late afternoon arrival to the jungle. hanna´s burrito quesadillas (i don`t criticize what they name the food, it`s that good) and a failed attempt at playing scrabble.
canoeing on the makal with feliz, swimming in the falls, considering a new career in canoeing.
ok, enough already, i am sure none of it makes sense anyways. pace.

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