Wednesday, December 12, 2007

siete, tres, siete

So I´ve gotten all wrapped up in a very active social life with my fellow, ¨moonies,¨as it were. Not that that should be an excuse, but between meditation, shiatsu class, and trying to astral travel my calendar has been packed. Luckily one of the few guys that are taking the course is a talented story teller as well as photo journalist, which saves me some time in the internet cafe. You can check out his perspective at:
Who says spirituality and boxed wine can´t mix?
Well, back to some deep breathing after a quick San Pedro pizza fix.

oh and this is the link to me laughing after beating Sasha in an arm wrestling match at the new moon party.

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Michael Kohan said...

spirituality and boxed wine go hand in hand. I wouldn't have it another way. Search no further when you have a good friend and a beautiful fruit of the earth drink.. in the shape of a box. miss you xoxo. Portland reunion June?? will be there hope you can make it!!!