Thursday, November 11, 2010


Sometimes life tires me out.  Getting on my plane from Bush internat'l to Costa Rica two nights ago I was struck just how f'n tired I am right now.   Leaving the life of a paid wanderer behind I thought would provide a bit more stability but the last three weeks have been anything but stable.  Not that I can complain, I've been surrounded by friends, been inspired by the company I work for, been more excited and enthusiastic than I've felt in a LONG time, and drank a wee bit too much.  And maybe that is exactly why I am tired.  Living life to the extremes tires a person out.  I spend so much time running from place to place like a crazy woman, drinking it all in, but everyone needs a pause, a break, a moment of stillness.

Traveling for a living has taught me this.  To search out that place between breaths, between places, between people.  To search for a quiet spot in the in between.  I am learning how much I need this to survive.  How I need to make a little time each day where I am alone, not talking, not working, not really doing anything.  And how stopping for a moment we realize the absolute beauty which surrounds us.

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