Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alex and spicey mango.

  I am a cantankerous terrible person to travel with, but somehow Alex managed to put up with me for a whole week as we soldiered through El Salvador visiting hotels and chatting up the locals. She got to eat her first shrimp ceviche on the black sand pacific coast, ate pupusas which I am pretty sure gave both of us 'funny tummy,' survived the wild streets of Santa Ana, and tried mango with hot sauce all over it while drinking cocktails on the sidewalks of Juayua. 
Anyhow Alex knows how to appreciate all the things that make traveling great and even managed to take the piss out of me a couple times.  That's all I can ask for out of life, sassy friends, good mojitos, and a nice sunset.

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guy said...

Hi, Gemma,
It's Guy Stiles, William Peters partner. Your father gave me your blog address, when we had dinner with them a week or so ago. Your photos of being in D.F.,Mexico reminded me that you might be interested in a Guide Book for great street food. Our friend Nick Gilman wrote it and blogs about food opportunities in D.F. http://goodfoodmexicocity.blogspot.com/ It sounds like you are enjoying all of your travels. Maybe we can meet up sometime when you are touring in Mexico. Do you ever go the San Miguel de Allende or to Guanajuato? We are going to living in San Miguel after the first of June.

Gemma Lucy said...

Guy, not sure if you will check back here, but I actually follow Nick's blog on google reader. I haven't been to Guanajuato or San Miguel Allende, but I have wanted to visit both. I'll be back in Mexico working later this month but don't think I'll have time to catch up with you guys, but maybe later in the year if the invitation is still open. Take care!