Friday, December 18, 2009

rarrr! (that is me growling like a lion)

I've just hit the ground running in Leon, Nicaragua.  Being a tour leader in a new place can be a bit of a nightmare, but these days I try to see it as a chance to explore and discover information and I see it as a bit of a challenge.  I'd done a bit of googling about Leon last night and stumbled upon, where you can create your own travel guides.  It is a pretty cool site, that combined with wikitravel I came up with a couple cool places to check out, my favorite being Cafe La Rosita which is just off of the parque central.  Holy hell, they have the best iced coffee I've had in AGES and a killer orange cake.  Oh me oh my, I am a sucker for a good cup of coffee.  Anyhow it was another one of those days that was made better by a bit of time playing in a cafe. That combined with a HILARIOUS trip to the police station to report a stolen camera (a story which I won't recount here) made it a memorable first afternoon in Leon. 
Tomorrow: beaches. 

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Josh said...

glad you were able to use nextstop to find some cool things to do. i really wish i could join you down there for a cup of coffee :) hope to see you around nextstop!