Thursday, June 4, 2009

la amistad

I have been mulling over a concept for the last months, in all honestly it was a thought that came to me back in September. I was sick in bed in Cambodia, and I remember thinking, all it takes is one person." One person can make the freshi lady room home, pumpkin soup into a feast, and long bus rides into adventures. One person can chase out the ghosts of lonliness, doubt, and fear. One person, whether they are only in your life for 2 weeks, 2 hours, or a lifetime can cast the light of a thousand candles.
I spend a lot of time on my own, a lot of time surrounded by strangers, and I am always missing someone, some place, something. I guess that could mean I could spend a lot of time sad, weepy, and down, but that seems like telling the universe that I don't believe it is going to come through for me: That I don't believe in the potential for magic, for new friends, for new adventures with old friends, for coincidence, serendipidity, for joy (even if it has to be bought in 1.5L bottles).
Friendship comes to those who trust, friendship comes to those that give and give and give, for those that find laughter in the dusty cockroach ridden happy house stops. Friendship is what will save us, it is what drives us, and what makes life so damn sweet.
French fries are never as good as when you have someone to steal them from your plate with a plastic pair of chopsticks.
Think that over.

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