Wednesday, June 4, 2008

dios dice...

God is currently running an ad campaign in Guatemala city. This is not a joke. There are billboards all over the place encouraging you not to drink and drive, to enjoy each day, and they are all signed lovingly, “dios.” I think that God is a pretty convincing advocate against drunk driving, but it is to no avail. Back in April el Diaro, one of Guatemala’s papers printed alarming statistics about Chicken Bus drivers. Amongst those included were, drivers driving under the influence and those driving without a license. Just yesterday I was on a high speed bus drive through a fog laden mountain pass. It is a wonder that my grandmother hasn’t come down here with a posse of jewish bubbes and dragged my ass back to the States where the weather and the driving tend to be a bit more predictable. On the other hand I don’t think she is keeping up with the news in Central America.
The other thing that has been catching news lines is the prompt, or even early arrival of the hurricane season, on May 31st with the appearance of Alma. Her stint was over shortly, only to be followed up by Arturo, or Arthur for you gringos. Today is the first moderately dry day I’ve had since Honduras. Most of my passengers are fascinated or horrified by this change in the weather. Some of them have yet to see the sun down here, which is a shame, but hey it is all part of the experience right?

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