Thursday, January 31, 2008

current currency

I think... and I am almost certain I am in the country that uses colones... but I keep saying ¨Cords.¨ And two days ago I kept saying, ¨limps.¨ And now I can´t remember what language to use or how to spell in either. And the worst of all is that I have started saying , ¨entonces. ¨
I guess I have been asking for this for a while. All these aspirations towards a wandering lifestyle has resulted in just that... wearing the same clothes for two days, four countries, and no shower! What have I done to my life?
In the same breath, how f´ing cool! I am really getting to know this place, this crazy region, that is home to countries that share so many things (BEANS! RICE!) and yet are so incredibly different. I wish I had more time to blog or at least keep in touch these days, the experiences keep coming, but it is hard to settle down at a keyboard and type them out. Someday, I keep telling myself, someday... maybe when I have a glass of ice tea, a rocking chair, dentures, and a porch they will all get written.

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