Friday, November 9, 2007

teacher, teacher!

Some of the ninos at Manos de Color.
Well my first week of classes/volunteering has ended. My belly is full of post-nino choco banano {we have discovered chocolate heals all wounds} and my hands are covered in oil paint clear indications that it has been a busy week.
I had my first experiences with the ninos this week when I attempted to teach art in Spanish. It was wild! Teaching when you speak Spanish at best like a two year old is a challenge, but the kids eventually got the point and got down to business. I was blown away by how hard some of the kids worked, I'm used to kids needing ten pieces of paper a class. Here it took kids close to an hour to fill up a half sheet of paper. The art was really inspiring, so different from what I am used to. The first day they drew their favorite place in Xela, the results were amazing. As good as the art was I will admit that the best part of teaching is at the end of class when a the kids come and kiss you on the cheek, a Guatemalan tradition.

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Babu said...

Nice picts ...Love to work with kids these ones are the most greatfull..
Keep posting emotions .